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last update : 21 October 2015

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The Graduate School in Mechanics is organized under the auspices of the National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and it is also an FNRS Graduate School (Ecole Doctorale Thématique du FNRS).

Participating institutions

Programme Committee


Graduate School in Mechanics
KU Leuven, afdeling PMA, Celestijnenlaan 300-B, 3001 Leuven
E-mail : GraSMech secretary,

1. The purpose of the Graduate School

The purpose of the Graduate School is to organise courses in the field of Computational and Experimental Mechanics, on a third cycle level, to all Belgian graduate students, in compliance with the rules of the parent institution of the student.

The field of science in "Mechanics" is very wide. Six subgroups are identified:

The school is primarily intended for doctoral students and researchers. Engineers and researchers from industry and professors from other educational institutions are also welcome.

2. The programme

2.1 GraSMech courses

The courses are given in English. Unless stated otherwise, the courses are independent of each other.

All Belgian universities accept the courses that are given in the GraSMech frame as part of their own doctoral programme. This implies that formal examinations will be organised for students who require them to be part of their doctoral programme. Active participation of all students during the course is expected. Students who plan to take an examination for a course are kindly requested to mention that at registration.

2.2 GraSMech poster day

A GraSMech poster day is organised at specific occasions.

3. Course contents, prerequisites and student assignments 2015-2016

3.1 GraSMech courses

  1. Computer-aided analysis of rigid and flexible multibody systems

3.2 Engineering Mechanics courses

GraSMech students can also register for courses of the Dutch Doctoral School on Engineering Mechanics.

4. Practical arrangements 2015-2016

4.1 GraSMech courses

  1. Computer-aided analysis of rigid and flexible multibody systems

4.2 Engineering Mechanics courses

The Dutch doctoral school of Engineering Mechanics organises graduate courses in different fields of Mechanics. For more information on courses of the EM doctoral school, click here.

5. Registration to courses

5.1 GraSMech courses

Registration is done by sending an e-mail message with your name, address, university and department to the GraSMech secretary. Please mention the course(s) you are interested in, and indicate if you want to take an evaluation.

Secretary of the GraSMech Graduate School
KU Leuven, PMA section, Celestijnenlaan 300-B, 3001 Leuven
telefax : 016-322987
e-mail : GraSMech secretary

Participation is free of charge for participants from Belgian academic institutions and for students of the Engineering Mechanics doctoral school.
Other participants are requested to pay a registration fee of 301.20 euro per course. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Graduate School on Mechanics. Alternatively, payment can be made by bank transfer to the account no. 432-0000011-57 of "K.U.Leuven - Boekhouding, Krakenstraat 3, 3000 Leuven", with reference HVG-PATEI1-P3610/STUD. An invoice will be sent.

5.2 Engineering Mechanics courses

Participation to Engineering Mechanics courses is not free. GraSMech participants can register at a reduced rate of 100,-EUR. Participants who want to register for an EM course are requested to register at the Engineering Mechanics graduate school and with the GraSMech secretary.

6. Other training activities

  1. ISMA40 Course on Modal Analysis : Theory and Practice, September 17-18, 2015 (KULeuven - PMA division)
  2. ISAAC26 Seminar on Advanced Techniques in Applied and Numerical Acoustics, September 17-18, 2015 (KULeuven - PMA division)

7. Links to other Graduate Schools and organisations for doctoral programmes

This section contains some links to other Graduate Schools :